What a Bunch of Vegetables

I’m sitting in Pearson International, choking down the most overpriced breakfast wrap in all of Canada, waiting for my connecting flight to New York. Only thirty minutes to kill after sprinting across this expansive aviation wasteland.

While I was screening today’s ad, a portly man in a tight blue dress shirt stared conspicuously at my laptop. I wanted to turn around and tell him that I’m only posting this video because it is too ridiculous not to share (perhaps he’s reading this over my shoulder as I write it).

PETA is known for outlandish stunts and shock tactics to gain attention, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level with the following ad. And no, this wasn’t created by a pack of horny 12-year old boys. This immature pile of dung was created by an agency called Falon, based in London.

The video’s description: In honour of World Vegan Day, watch this spicy video, which gives a wink to the sexual benefits of going vegan by showcasing men enthusiastically and proudly showing off some healthy protrusions from their trousers.

A wink, huh? Right. This is impressively immature and makes me glad that I’m chewing on a large, delicious hunk of bacon from my breakfast wrap while I write this.



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3 responses to “What a Bunch of Vegetables

  1. paulbarriscale

    Ms. Wallis,

    As a confirmed meat-atarian, I usually ignore most messaging from PETA. This one is mildly amusing or dare I say titillating, but not a very compelling piece of advertising.

    I’m wondering if Falon is related to Fallon McElligott & Rice, the amazing ad agency in the eighties that put Minneapolis on the map.

    If you get a chance, go see Disney’s The Lion King in NY live on stage. Amazing show. I also hear The Book of Mormon is not to be missed.

    All good things,


    • Not sure about any relation. I’d dig further on the internet if I didn’t have such a pounding headache right now. And trust me, I’ll be taking in a show or two… just probably not on Broadway.

  2. Lannnnnnnnnnny

    LOVE IT!

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