Playing With My Friends

Created by Mother, London, this new spot from IKEA is full of imagination and wonder.

I remember as a young kid just how convinced I was that each and every one of my 200+ stuffed animals were alive and had a personality of their own. Around age three or four, I would place “my buddies” on the stairs in our house, seated as if in an auditorium and give them lectures on various topics.

In fact, there was a year-long period where anyone wanting to go up or downstairs would be risking their life – either from tripping on my flock of fluffy friends, or as a result of my wrath when they interrupted my lectures.

I had a VERY vivid imagination.

This song is a re-recording of the BB King/Robert Cray ‘Playin’ With My Friends’.

Here is the full version/extended commercial, performed by Masters in France.


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