Pocket Like it’s Hot

Snoop Dogg… Lion… whatever, has just released this revised edition of “Drop it Like It’s Hot”. The song has been rewritten into a commercial for Hot Pockets, the highly processed, burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth, genetically modified pockets of sin.

Hot Pockets can contain between 80 to 90 different ingredients. One Hot Pocket contains 25% of your daily saturated fat, and 25% of your daily sodium intake. They’re basically tiny, tubby torpedoes.

I know Snoop has sold out in the past, but this time he really did it in style. Check the custom microwave tricycle and the giant, blinged-out dancing Hot Pocket. Not to mention the girls in short-shorts who probably stopped the shoot every five minutes to intentionally vomit.

I guess Snoop had some bills to pay.


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