Expedia: Find Yours

No Friday morning movie today – instead, let’s take a look at Expedia‘s new ad.

This is part of a larger campaign launched on July 9, 2012 called “Find Yours”. The campaign, according to a press release from Expedia, is 100% user-generated content, all photos, videos and stories about how travel has transformed them.

This particular video – Find Your Understanding – is about Artie Goldstein who travels across country to attend his daughter’s same-sex wedding. We not only share his journey from East to West, we also hear his story about personal revelation and change.

Pull out the hankies, kids. This one is a tearjerker.

The campaign was developed by Expedia’s director of Brand Marketing Vic Walia and 180LA. This is the first work from 180LA for Expedia since they become the company’s AOR in March 2012.

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One response to “Expedia: Find Yours

  1. BCSkier

    Well beyond the obvious – 2 totally hot lipstick lesbians, did this air at the Republican National Convention this year?

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