Meet the Horseless Headsman

It’s October and Halloween candy is filling the store shelves.

It’s about this time of the year where my mum goes and stocks up with two large boxes of assorted candies ‘for the kids’. But by the time the 31st actually rolls around, she’ll need to go and buy one more to replace the original two – which she and my dad have eaten. Lucky for them, each year, they get about three kids in total. So there are plenty of leftovers.

Halloween is also the time when Snickers releases some pretty bizarre creative. Remember the Grocery Store Lady?

Totally funny – but a little creepy.

Today’s spot is new for 2012 and it’s a little less creepy – and doesn’t deliver quite as much of the funny. It’s got it’s moments, but when compared to the grocery lady it falls a tad flat. The spot was created by BBDO NYC and is called the Horseless Headsman.


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