I’m With the Brand

I came across a fascinating documentary last night, BBC’s Secrets of the Super Brands.

It showcases the history of some of the world’s best know brands, including Coke, McDonald’s, Red Bull and Heinz. The host, Alex Riley, even discovers that some food brands are so powerful, they can actually affect our taste buds. If you’ve got some time and are interested in branding, I highly recommend you watch this.


Want to know more about the history of brands? Check out MOPOP, the Museum of Pop Culture. Their website, besides being filled with all the toys and fun stuff that brings back awesome childhood memories, has a brand section that showcases other popular brands and outlines their history – and even some dirty little secrets. MOPOP also has a Facebook page, so go check it out!




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  1. Side comment on the power of some of these companies. A friend of mine is the head chef at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo, one of the most expensive in their chain.

    He used to come to my place in Tamarindo on his days off to hang out. Because his job was cooking, I ended up always doing the BBQing.

    One day he said he would BBQ, and showed up with some nice ribs. To my astonishment, he pulled out a bottle of Kraft Chicken n Rib BBQ sauce.

    I was astounded. “WTF? You use Kraft? I make it from scratch”, I said.

    His comments back still resonate with me about the power of some huge corporations, and how we should not vilify them as much as we are tempted.

    He said something along the lines of, “Do you realize how many millions of dollars and how many focus groups have been used in developing this sauce over the past 40 years? How can I compete with that? This is the best BBQ sauce you can get for your money’s and time’s worth.”

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