Everyone Should Get a L.I.F.E.

In Australia, there is an organization called L.I.F.E. – Landcare Is For Everyone.

This organization encourages groups of volunteers to get involved, across Australia, with planting and weed management, environmental education and community awareness programs, sustainable agriculture activities, seed collection and propagation and erosion control.

It’s a really impressive movement that launched in 1985 by the then Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands. In 1989, it became national. In July 1989, the Australian Government announced a ‘Decade of Landcare Plan’ and committed $320 million to fund the National Landcare Program.

The website is very informative and helps to make getting involved easy.

I discovered L.I.F.E. when I came across their most recent commercial – a 3D animated spot that reminded me of the recent award-winning  Chipotle commercial. This is a great 2 minute spot that somewhat illustrates the purpose of the movement, but makes you want to learn more.

It was done by Murphy & Friends – a creative agency in Australia that doesn’t seem to have a website.



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