NABS Speed Mentoring: Sept. 27, 2012

Hey Vancouver!

Save the date: September 27th, NABS West is putting on Speed Mentoring.

What is it? A social event where 20 amazing mentors (industry-leader types who have tons of knowledge and experience) will be on-hand. And 60 lucky “mentees” will get to spend six minutes with these leaders to ask them anything! Well, almost anything… asking if a drug test is required to join their company, or if you can drink all day and pinch ladies’ bums like they do in Mad Men might not go over so well.

This event will provide guidance, insight, inspiration and fun for all, no matter what part of advertising you work in… or want to work in. Maybe you’re thinking about changing careers, or trying out a new field. Now’s the time to ask the questions you can’t ask your coworkers. This event will connect you with top industry professionals so you get get the edge you need as the future leaders of the industry.

More information, including a list of mentors and how to sponsor the event can be found at 

It’s great to see this coming together. I’ve been working with a kick-ass creative team to pull together a landing page and some videos to promote the event. And they launched today!

This applause is for:

Mentee Guy / Trevor Jansen
Mentee Girl / Marina LeClair
Mentor / Jenn Wallis < That’s me!
Voice Talent / Red Robinson
Produced, Directed & Editing by Steve Adams & Sean Horlor/ Steamy Window Productions
Location Manager, Key Grip / Peter Verge
Writer / Jenn Wallis < Me again!
Graphics / Ryan Majeau
Website / Kathryn Slater

So the videos we compiled show the “Do’s and Don’ts of Speed Mentoring“. And frankly, I think they’re hilarious. I’m the silent one wearing stripes – which makes me look like a bloated porpoise. Had I known that morning that I would be ‘on-camera talent’, I would have worn all black.

I hope you can come to the event! And rest assured I’ll be posting reminders as it gets closer.


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