One More Nail in the Zombie Coffin

Back in early July, Zack’s Equity Research reported that Dish Network, the second largest satellite TV provider was dumping AMC from its program list. AMC – as most of you know – is famous for the ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Mad Men’ series.

According to the report, AMC asked for a 300% increase of the telecast fees. Dish wanted nothing to do with that, and instead made plans replace the lower rated networks with things like HDNet and Style. Because they can.

AMC retaliated by scaring the pants off of a handful of unsuspecting New Yorkers. They launched a campaign called ‘PutZombiesBack‘, and dressed actors as everyday zombies; street workers, hot dog vendors, cops, etc. They would sneak up on random pedestrians and… well, you’ll see how they reacted. Personally, I would have punched them in the throat.

No word on if this actually helped AMC’s cause, or if any of the zombies were assaulted.


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