(Un)intentional Coincidences

While cruising the internet for some exciting and fantastical advert to share with you, I came across this new spot by Leo Burnett, London for Kellogg’s ‘Crunchy Nut’ cereal. Take a look.

The spot is kind of funny, yes, but I keep thinking about the snake going up the man’s khakis… and the cereal’s name.

I can’t help but associate these things – and I’m left feeling like a giant pervert, wondering if anyone else makes this connection. Was that on purpose? I mean, if I were making an ad for a cereal called ‘Crunchy Nut’, I would probably avoid sending a bitey, venomous snake up someone’s trousers.


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One response to “(Un)intentional Coincidences

  1. I am sure the agency knew…but did the client figure it out when pitched?

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