A Few Trashy Ads

The list of cities and countries that have outlawed plastic grocery bags continues to grow. From Kenya, to China, the US, Canada and more. Check out the full list here.

I have no problem with phasing out plastic grocery bags. Save the environment. Save the whales. Free Wynona.Whatever.

But what about trash bags? At least with grocery bags, there were recycling programs in place within the stores. But you buy trash bags with the sole purpose to throw them into the trash.

I’ll climb down from my soap box now to share today’s commercials, promoting Hefty Waste Bags. These spots were created by Jared Hess, director of Napoleon Dynamite in conjunction with Euro RSCG, Chicago. Hess’s style definitely shows through in these three commercials. They’re somewhat understated and awkwardly funny.

But without my plastic trash bags… what will I use to throw out  all my plastic containers?


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One response to “A Few Trashy Ads

  1. Completely aside from environmental issues, I find the “animal in a bag” commercial really disturbing. The critter is not distinguishable as a alien. It could be any growling, struggling animal. Like a dog. With all the animal abuse stories making headlines, I’m shocked that this commercial is on the air.

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