Gruen Returns!

The Gruen Transfer, one of my favorite (Australian) television shows announced yesterday that it will be returning with a four episode Olympic special called Gruen Sweat, followed by ten episodes of Gruen Planet.

If you’ve never heard of Gruen Transfer and Gruen Planet, then you’re missing out. Gruen is an Australian television series which focuses on advertising, branding, spin and all that juicy stuff. The program is hosted by stand-up comedian Wil Anderson who hosts a panel of advertising industry experts like Russel Howcroft of George Patterson Y&R and Todd Sampson (so dreamy) of Leo Burnett.

Here’s a taste:

So as you’ve seen, the series has great segments, like “The Pitch”, where ad agencies go up against each other to sell the unsellable. Here’s two agencies trying to sell the idea of child labour.

Or this one, where agencies are asked to create ads to convince the tourists to visit Asbestos, Quebec.

And finally, “Ad Crunch”, where the experts sit around and dissect advertising creative. In this clip, they go after McDonalds and the launch of the Angus Burger in Australia.

There are a TON of episodes and clips online and I highly recommend you go to YouTube and spend at least an hour watching. Especially if you plan on catching the new episodes when they come out!



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One response to “Gruen Returns!

  1. I just knew you weren’t going to be able to go a full post on Gruen without drooling over Todd just a little! Haha!

    Awesome post J! I can’t wait for the new series, or the Olympics, for that matter!

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