Happy Google+ Pride!

Google+ (yes, that’s still happening) continues to put forth efforts to build the user base. Now they’ve turned their sights on the LGBT community. In conjunction with Pride Toronto and adverising agency Entrinsic, they’ve released a new campaign called “Together”. It’s a video series by award-winning director Jeff Feuerzeig.

Here’s the promo spot:

The videos showcase a diverse group of LGBT community members as you’ll see below, and they are really well-made. They share the stories of unique people and encourage understanding, openness and love.

At the end of the videos, they direct you to “See the Full Stories Google+“. But the video itself isn’t linked. And it doesn’t say specifically where on G+. Not exactly a well thought out strategy to promote this amazing series of videos. You gotta make it easy, guys!

The directions/details are in the YouTube description section. But not on the spot itself. When the videos get embedded, how will viewers know where to find the rest of the series?

Kudos to Google for jumping on the pride float, but I would have expected a little more strategy and forethought to set this campaign up right to receive the kind of buzz that it deserves.

But not to worry, G+. I’m sure these will be posted all over Facebook.

The video page on YouTube is here. And Pride Toronto’s Google+ page is here. As of today, Pride Toronto has 261 people in their G+ Circles. They have 13,800 likes on Facebook. Just saying.


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