How Do you Say “Embarrassing” in German?

As if Mondays weren’t depressing enough, I’ve stumbled across something would make anyone want to drink alone in a dark room. And then have their child record them eating a cheeseburger. And post it on YouTube.

David Hasselhoff is now starring in a German Lean Pockets commercial. The first thing I noticed was that The Hoff’s face seems to be morphing into a hybrid of Barry Manilow and Bruce Jenner.

And it only goes downhill from there.

I have more money than you!

As of this blog post, the above steaming pile of “scheiße” has almost one point five million views. A good investment by the client? Perhaps. But I would guess the folks who are watching the video are less potential customers and more just there to watch the train wreck.

The agency who did this spot was not mentioned anywhere – and I can’t seem to track down that information. If you happen to know, please leave a comment below so I can judge them silently.


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