Northern Voice Day One Recap

So Northern Voice conference day one is done. It was great to see everyone and listen to some amazing and inspiring speakers. My darling friend, Yael Cohen was one of those inspirational speakers. She’s really built a movement from the ground up with F Cancer. And it was fantastic to see how far it’s gone in such a short period of time.

One of the major takeaways from the conference that really resonated with me was the instruction to “just try it, already”.

“It” is anything. Do anything. In today’s online world, you never really know what’s going to catch on so you might as well take some chances. It made me think about my own blog that I started over two years ago, after I was laid off. I needed to do something to keep my mind active while I decided what I should do with my life.

This blog didn’t start out as an advertising blog. More of a resource to help others, like me, who had been laid off and didn’t know what to do next. At that time, I even went so far as to meet with the team at Vancouver Community College about the nursing program. I was contemplating a total career change.

But this blog lead me to stay in the industry of which I was so passionate. It wasn’t about making money or raising my profile. And it still isn’t. I do it because I love it. But I love it because I do it.

Looking forward to day two!


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