Adopt Something

All packed and ready!

It’s ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat Month’, brough to you by the folks at the ASPCA. In order to promote this, they decided to make a totally zany kitty video with a dubstep soundtrack. At the end, a super pops up telling you that there are “Millions of Viral Videos Waiting to be Adopted”.

Yep. As I suspected. Viral videos are like hipsters. The moment you declare yourself to be one is the moment you get kicked out of the club. Even still, I was mildly entertained and it IS a good cause.

Over in San Fransisco, BBDO is doing right by the SPCA with this great little public service announcement against puppy mills.


Informative, fun to watch and it doesn’t violate your ears…as much.


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One response to “Adopt Something

  1. Jackie Burgmann

    I didn’t quite get that message about viral videos .. I understood it to mean something along the lines of “everyone and their uncle who owns a cat puts videos up of them doing silly stuff… your chance to join the growing herd and have a viral video too is only an adoption away”… I didn’t think they were calling themselves ‘viral’… but that’s just me. 🙂 Another awesome post, Dame!

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