At the Top of the Sodium

There are certain questions that seem to have no answer. How big is the universe? Why is Nickleback famous? Who shot JR? And why is McDonald’s the official sponsor for every major sporting event across the globe?

Let’s take the Olympics for example. McDonald’s first started slipping their hands down the pants of the Olympic Committee back in 1968, when they airlifted hamburgers to athletes competing in Grenoble, France.

Then the fast food behemoth became the Official Sponsor for the 1976 Montreal Summer Games, and was the sponsor of the National Olympic Committees in several countries around the world from ’88-’94. I guess you could call that ‘second base’.

By 1996, McDonald’s had fully mounted the Olympic Committee from behind. They joined the Top Olympic Program (the acronym is so fitting) and became a Worldwide Sponsor. In fact, McDonald’s was the first branded restaurant to operate in an Olympic Village, pumping the athletes full of pink slime, massive amounts of sodium and ingredients that you’d need a PhD in both linguistics and chemistry to pronounce.

Yes, I realize these kinds of events need sponsors. But perhaps the Olympic Committee could have found some that align with the values of The Games. McDonald’s sponsoring the Olympics makes as much sense as Marlboro sponsoring the Lung Foundation.

Here’s one of the latest Olympic sponsorship spots from McDonald’s, targeting kids, and using the Olympic mascots to sling Happy Meals. Super sporty, guys.

Furthermore, Leo Burnett London just released the following ad promoting another misaligned sponsorship, this one for the UEFA Euro 2012. MacDonald’s actually created something called the ‘Championship Menu’.

This spot, entitled ‘Seats’, is supposed to show the contrast between a high stress of watching a match, versus the relaxed atmosphere of MacDonald’s. Ahhh, the tranquility of trans-fats.

Thursday rant complete.

Straight to the top of the podium. Right after a quick nap.



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2 responses to “At the Top of the Sodium

  1. Marc

    The “values of the Games” is making as much money as humanly possible in a 2 week span. Seems pretty much aligned to me.

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