Transportation Safety Ads Hit the Mark

Today’s commercial is part of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) arsenal of amazing adverts. This one, called “Flying Objects” was launched on February 29, 2012 and targets everyday drivers who, on occasion go over the speed limit.

I was mesmerized by this spot.

You may remember that in October 2011, NZTA introduced a drink-driving campaign featuring what would become their most popular advert; “Legend”. The ad was focused on reaching young Maori men, because according to the brief, which NZTA shares on their website, 34% of all drinking drivers in those crashes, and 38% of the young drivers, are Maori. To date, it’s had 1.95 million views. For those of you who haven’t seen it, here it is.

Finally, they introduced the “Mantrol” campaign in November 2010. It primarily targeted young male drivers (16–29 years) who account for 59% of all speeding drivers in fatal or serious injury crashes.

Check out the advertising section on their website. It’s organized and transparent and tells you almost everything you would want to know about how and why they ended up with the creative that they did. They didn’t, however, seem to mention their ad agency. From my research, it looks like Clemenger BBDO, Wellington was responsible for the “Legend” advert and “Flying Objects”. But I’m not one hundred percent certain of that.

But I am certain that this new “Flying Objects” creative, much like “Legend” is thought-provoking and relatable. Instead of instructing the viewer, it’s inviting the viewer to make their own conclusions. Another winner.


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