Dream the Impossible Dream

Fact: men like beer.

Fact: Australian men REALLY like beer.

So then why would Canadian Club whiskey decide it would be a good idea to publicly shame Australian beer drinkers into switching their choice of beverages? Betty Ford only knows.

Created by The Works, Sydney, in their new campaign, Canadian Club just stops short of calling beer drinkers fat, stinky, farty, gross and dumb.

Oh, and in addition to the above, beer drinkers are also boring and have launched an assault on common decency.

This approach is all wrong. Canadian Club is a great product, enjoyed by many. But it shouldn’t try to, nor would it ever replace beer. That would be the impossible dream. And insulting your target audience is no way to achieve any amount of success. Insert sad trombone here.

Head over to Canadian Club’s Australian YouTube page if you need to see more.


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