Teach a Man to Tweet…

When I saw this video by BBH, New York for the NYC Rescue Mission, I got a little emotional. It’s for their program called “Underheard in New York“.

The concept is a simple one: give four homeless men each a smart phone so they could Tweet and share their thoughts and feelings with the world. So often it’s easy to see a homeless person and just assume they’re lazy and drug-addicted. We quickly brush off their requests for spare change and keep walking, hoping the coins in our pockets don’t jingle while we pick up our pace.

This project was just a small way to help show people that everyone’s story, everyone’s reason as to why they ended up where they are, is unique just like they are. And if we listen, even just a little, we can help each other. Small gestures can make a big impact.

Grab a tissue and watch.



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