Hey Kids! Get Your Tickets!

I’ve always enjoyed the budgets of lottery clients. They allow for some fun, bigger-than-life advertising.

But how Minnasota State Lottery decided to use their ad dollers has left me scratching my head. The following commercials created by Olsen look like they were inspired by the Muppets Family Christmas special. Remember that one? With John Denver?

I really like these ads. They’re fun, catchy, and kind of mesmerizing. But it’s like these things were made for the ten and under crowd. They put more focus on the entertainment value than on the messaging and value proposition. Perhaps that was a good move, though. The songs are mighty catch. Start ’em young just like them cigarette folk!

Was I the only one to have trouble trying to hear what they were singing? Or is it just the puppet’s Minnesota accents?  



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