Absolut Electro Desert Dog Race

What do you get when you mix a broken mirror ball, a bag of feathers, a roll of tinfoil, three robot dogs and The Swedish House Mafia? An Absolut Vodka commercial, of course.

This 3:30 spot was created by TBWA and takes us to the desert where we get to watch some electro Greyhound dogs mysteriously controlled by house music, race against each other for the entertainment of a Steampunk-meets-Lady-Gaga-looking crowd.

There are some awkward moments that could have been left on the cutting room floor, but the concept is unique. The Gaga-esque costumes are interesting and the track by Swedish House Mafia carries the spot. Overall not too shabs.



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11 responses to “Absolut Electro Desert Dog Race

    • I could see how one might think that, but I have to disagree on account that the dogs are not dogs, but robots.

      • Mao Ranma

        Robots, controlled by humans at that. All this bickering about animal cruelty would be unnecessary if everyone is being honest. No one could actually think that this commercial, which OBVIOUSLY promotes VODKA, because THAT was the point, is promoting greyhound racing. If you say that, you’re looking for the easy way to plug your beliefs and morals, instead of being honest about it. “Hey, robot-dog racing being controlled by house-music DJs, this is pretty neat, thanks Absolut for not using real greyhounds in this commercial. Here’s why that would’ve been bad “. Does Absolut run greyhound races, own a track? What about Swedish House Mafia, do they? They have mafia in their name, oh no, they promote organized crime!~ How about TWBA, do they? They made the freaking video after all.

        TL;DL: Don’t be dumb. You’d own a house-music-operated robot-dog if you could.

  1. So if they were robots that looked like little children, that would be OK, too? Because it’s just robots, not real children?

  2. Depends on how old the children are. If they’re under five, the race wouldn’t be very interesting and a lot slower.

  3. Guys… I am all for stopping animal cruelty, but did you ever actually WATCH the video?? They aren’t DOGS, they are robtos that LOOK like dogs & are controlled by human beings in a room far away all by themselves. Nobody is getting hurt at all & I don’t see a single problem with it. As for the robot children….. could care less about that too. Nobody/nothing alive is hurt; point blank.

  4. M L

    trend setter in marketing; no doubt

  5. Andrew

    If you think this video is related to animal cruelty, you are an idiot.
    And i don’t even know why Alex is relating futuristic mechanized dog races to little kids…

  6. kerry smith

    Love the ad, thank you steampunksmen!

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