White (Haired) Rappers

Many not-for-profit organizations need help – and not just at Christmas time.

Donations have fallen in recent years and people are not giving their time as freely as they used to. Not to mention the generational gap. Younger adults are not giving up  their time or money compared to the older counterparts. Perhaps because they don’t know about the need within their community – or even what the local organizations do.

Many not-for-profits can struggle with getting their message out, building brand awareness and attracting new volunteers or donors. So how do you tap into the younger market? What’s hip with the kids these days?

Why, rap music and viral videos of course!

The geezers over at the Lions Club have taken an interesting approach to spreading their messaging. The video is kind of cheap, but it’s engaging and I actually learned that the Lions Club members do more than sit around playing bridge and smelling like scotch mints. Who knew?

Creative/concept by Serve Marketing.


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