Friday Movie + Bonus Feature: WIZZprod°

What happens when two eccentric parents buy their little brat a zombie best friend as a birthday present? It’s the question we’ve all been asking ourselves. Now we finally have the answer. My Bloody Lad shows us that unconventional friendship has its benefits… and some serious downsides.

A WARNING: (besides the extreme, well-illustrated yet comedic violence), this film contains a dubstep track. I’m sure you all know my feeling about dubstep – but it actually kind of suits this flick.

This video was produced at Wizzprod°, which has produced a few of my other favourite commercials, including this gem:

And this, which is a similar illustration style to our movie today.

You must check out their Vimeo page. It’s filled with tons more great stuff.

And yes, I totally forgot about the Friday Morning Movie. I think going forward, it will now just be the Friday Movie. Because I am always forgetting to post until the afternoon and don’t do well with imaginary guilt. 



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