Upcoming Industry Events

Tonight is the Lotus Awards  in Vancouver. The Lotus Awards, according to their Facebook page, is “a competitive advertising awards show that celebrates creative excellence in British Columbia”.

I’ve skipped the Lotus for the past few years, but have decided to give it another chance this year. Right after I bought my tickets, an event called Occupy Lotus was announced. The Occupy event, not part of the Lotus Awards, will be held on the same night, at the same time as the Awards, but will be at the Commodore Lanes downstairs. It is described as “an inclusive event for the creative community. We’ll party. And bowl. And have a drink with like-minded designer-types. And there’s no entry fee.”

I’m all for giving people choice. I think it’s great that there is an option for folks who might prefer more casual, less-structured socialization. Or for folks who don’t agree with the “awards show machine”.

But at first I was a little disappointed in the timing of the event. I though it disrespectful and conflicting and didn’t understand why both events couldn’t live harmoniously. But then I realized if Occupy Lotus was at a different day and time – on top of the name no longer making sense – they wouldn’t have grabbed as much attention as they did. Kudos, boys. After checking out some of the attendees, I’m sure the event will be a blast.

ABCOM’s Christmas Lunch is one of Vancouver’s most anticipated parties. Probably because the bar opens at 11am. Last year, I only made it to 11pm. But the party went on into the wee hours of the morning.

Join the AdDrinx Facebook page and keep your peepers peeped for their Christmas event. Last year, they were collecting new toys and cash donations which went to needy kids (sorry, I forget the exact charity). But they do a lot of good while having a lot of fun.

So far there are no events listed for NABs, but add them of Facbeook and stay tuned for the Cannes Reel Screening sometime in January.

Anything else that I’ve missed?

Terry thought he had a fool proof way to get from one Christmas party to the other. The account executives disagreed.



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