Pensive Zombie is Pensive

Halloween. The time of year where you can let your inner slut make all the wardrobe decisions and n0t fear being judged (out loud). My favourite and most disturbing costume that I’ve seen so far was the “Sexy Pinocchio“.

This playful puppet is 100% woman“. Um.  “You’ll be sure to get plenty of whistles while donning the Sassy Pinocchio Costume which includes: A canary/cherry red dress with perky puffed sleeves, attached suspenders and vibrant blue bow tie. Knee highs with attached blue bows and a handheld nose stick mask are also included in this cute character’s costume.”

Yes. A “handheld nose stick mask”. I can’t even imagine trying to tolerate all of the “lie to me” jokes.


On another note, I was looking for some new and exciting Halloween commercials to share with you. Something like last year’s Snickers commercial, but wasn’t finding anything worth posting. Then I came across Greg, the chain-smoking, self-aware zombie. This is a series of four videos was released last September. Here’s the first;

Oh yes. That just happened. I tried to find out who the creative agency was, but couldn’t track down that information. Was this the doing of Lady Gaga as Polaroid’s new creative director? Or were these simply Polaroid fan-made videos? Either way, the make-up person needs be slapped in the face and then fired. A zombie with perfectly straight, white teeth?

Let’s keep watching;

The only thing missing in these commercials, besides a purpose, is a sexy Pinocchio costume.


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