You’re a Strange Animal

If you read my blog, then you know I that I – from time to time – have a tendency to favour the more bizarre or unusual advertising and short films. Today, is one of those days. Lucky you.

First, let’s check out a spot by agency EuroRSCG. It features a guy named Paul Bearman, representing subscriber television Canal+. Paul was… incomplete shall we say, until he started working as a director in the movies. Here we see where he got his inspiration.

Second on the docket, by way of Media Bistro’s Agency Spy, take a peek at these two commercials which encourage viewers, on behalf of the American Pet Products Association (APPA), to get friends for their pets. Because buying more pets equals buying more stuff! Hooray! The spots were created by EVB.

And of course there’s a cat version:

There was a lizard version as well which I’m not posting here. It was boring, slow and didn’t do anything special.

Using cute animals in advertising worked so well, the agency decided to try them behind the scenes. And that was the last time anyone saw little Billy Taylor.


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