If Only Mornings Started at Noon

It’s fall.

It’s dark in the morning.

It’s nearly impossible to get out of bed.

I’ve found myself shutting off the alarm and burrowing deeper into the mound of feathers and cotton that is my nest. This, of course, has resulted in me getting my perky posterior out the door a little later each day. But what’s a girl to do? Go to bed earlier? Hell no! Me? Putting my social life in the back seat while sleep rides shotgun? Out of the question.

This is my usual morning routine:

OK. So I’m not THAT bad. But you get my point.

The clip above is part of the Philips Wake-up Challenge series. The campaign was created by DDB Amsterdam and Tribal DDB Amsterdam to introduce the Philips Wake-Up Light. They are giving the product to a handful of folks who are at odds with the morning for a three-week trial. (Don’t get too excited. You need to live in Europe to qualify.) The light claims to help people wake up naturally. No more hitting snooze, or sleeping through the alarm. So they say.

I dig the style of this series. It’s relatable, fun and interesting to watch. Some of the sleep archetype videos, like The Snoozer, the Early Bird, the Chirpy, the Grunter and the Zombie    are a little over the top, but the nifty and unique style make up for the trying too hard. Here’s the seeding video;

Do you live in Europe? Do you hate mornings? Go check out the challenge at Philip’s Facebook page and maybe you’ll qualify to be one of their sleepy, little Guinea pigs.

I slept in this?


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