Hey! It’s My 600th Blog Post!

I though for sure by now this blog would be in the closet with my tennis racquet, riding boots, flute, yoga DVDs and all those other things I gave up on. But nope! Diabetic coma here I come! In three, two…



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3 responses to “Hey! It’s My 600th Blog Post!

  1. Jackie Asante

    You are amazing my friend. Congratulations on your really creative, funny and informative – ah – hobby! (Though it could become your profession. In fact…is it?)
    : )
    Looking forward to tapping in to the next 600 posts.
    Luv, Jackie.

  2. I just published my 600th WordPress blog post too *high 5* and it coincides with photo documentary of a new Guiness World Record for the “Most People Dressed As Sunflowers”: http://shimworld.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/most-people-dressed-as-sunflowers-hornbill-school-brunei-sets-world-record/

    Congratulations! 🙂

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