On the Radar Again

So Willie Nelson and Coldplay walk into a bar… no. Actually, that’s not how it goes. Let me start over. So Willie Nelson walks into a bar… or was it his dealer’s house? Either way, if you want to talk to him about a great investment opportunity, now would be the time.

Willie went Gary-Coleman-style-broke back around 1990. He owed the IRS over $16 million. He blamed it all on bad investments (see: impaired judgement). But he had a plan, and got himself back on his feet thanks to his fans and friends.

Truth be told, he’s pretty bad ass.

Now back to Coldplay. In the following 2:00 commercial, Willie Nelson covers Coldplay’s famous song “The Scientist”. The commercial is for a Mexican restaurant called Chipotle (pronounce it like this) and portrays their decision to return to the roots of farming. The branding is pretty much non-existent, and I had to look back three times to remind myself who the commercial was for, but at least it’s entertaining.

Suck it, IRS.


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