Error: Creative Inspiration Not Found

I was going to do another instalment of You Better Work, and see if there was anything new that could coax you away from the hovering shadows of your current whip-crackers. However, the job postings today were pretty slim pickings and I lost interest half way through.

So instead, we’re going to take a look at some fantastic 404 error pages. I’m always pleasantly surprised to land on a well designed or funny 404 page. It tells me that the site I am visiting has got it going on.

NEW RULE: Everyone should have personalized 404 pages. If not for entertainment, than to help redirect the viewer without losing his or her interest in your content. (Maybe you need better content?)

The examples below are kind of small, so click on them to get a bigger view.

Ok. So the cat one isn’t a 404 page. But it had a cat. And it was cute.


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