You Better Work: Extended Mix

Business in Vancouver (BIV) released its “Book of Lists” edition this week. Along with this handy, dandy reference magazine outlining BC’s top companies/employers/revenue generators, they included an employment insert called “Next”. It was basically an advertising supplement with the occasional article on the increase in pharmacy vacancies or how to quit your job without making everyone hate you.

There was one item in this supplement that caught my eye; a brief article on “Six Wickedly Creative Job Applications for the Digital Age”. In my humble opinion, here are the best four (translated by me);

  1. Google Search Resume: guy mocked up his resume/CV to look like a Google Search results page. Included it on his LinkedIn profile. Google employee finds resume. Guy gets recommended by said employee.
  2. Billboard: Irish fellow started a campaign called “Jobless Paddy” and advertised on a billboard, including links to social profiles and email address.
  3. Google Ads: out of work ad guy creates Google AdWords campaign using names of the big agencies that he wants to work for. Ads read something like, “Joe Smith wants to work for DDB, Vancouver”. Agency directors Google themselves (because let’s face it, they’re like that) and come across Joe Smith’s ads. Joe Smith gets hired.
  4. Reverse Application: out of work Programmer created a website where potential employers would apply to hire him. DISCLAIMER: this only works with programmers, developers and total poindexters.

It just goes to reaffirm that emailing off your generic resume and yawnsville cover letter to every ad agency within a twenty-mile radius is not sufficient. Sure, sometimes you get lucky, but the bottom line is that you get back what you put in. The more time and effort you spend on marketing yourself, your skills and your creativity, the higher the chance that you rise to the top.

And on that note, TO THE JOB-MOBILE!

This week’s posting is a little different. It’s dedicated to the top 15 “Biggest ad agencies in Metro Vancouver” as designated by the BIV book of lists. These are ranked by the total number of advertising staff in 2011 (and by those who actually filled out or updated their forms when asked by BIV). Here they are in order, along with direct links to their employment sections. Starting with the largest:

  1. DDB Canada: not hiring at the moment, being Vancouver’s biggest ad agency n’all. (Link)
  2. Rethink Communications: the second biggest ad agency is also not hiring in Vancouver but has two positions open in T.O. (Link)
  3. Dare North America: basically Cossette, just re-branded after a buyout, but no career or jobs section on their website. (Link)
  4. Wasserman & Partners Advertising: not to be the odd man out, Wasserman is also refraining from advertising any openings on their website. But they do encourage you to send your (unique and creative) resumes if interested. (Link)
  5. Cossette West: the first of our agencies to be listing actual job postings, including “Ethnic Marketing Intern”, Account Director and Financial Analyst. (Link)
  6. Wavemaker Marketing: who? (Link)
  7. TAXI Canada: Vancouver has three opening; Jr. Broadcast Producer, Writer and Design Artist. Toronto, Montreal & New York openings also listed. (Link)
  8. GREY Vancouver: (Pssst, Grey, your website is listed incorrectly in the book of lists. You may want to fix that.) No listings. Email for career opportunities. (Link)
  9. MacLaren McCann Vancouver: single job posting for an Account Director. But there are a tonne of openings in T.O. (Link)
  10. Noise Digital: HEY! Someone’s actually hiring! They also have a LOLcat on their career page, so they are a-OK in my books. Check it out. (Link)
  11. Spring Advertising: again, no job postings, but they’re telling you to send your resume. Just don’t make it boring! (Link)
  12. Hanger 18 Creative: nothing to report. Email them. (Link)
  13. Cowie and Fox: have one posting; non-paid interns (sad trombone). Doesn’t hurt to email them anyway… unless your resume is totally lame. (Link)
  14. Newad: these guys have a couple paid positions, including one Account Executive opening. Go look for yourself. (Link)
  15. Engine Digital: looking for Sr. Art Director, Interactive Production Designer and a bunch of other titles involving acronyms and dots. (Link)

That’s it for today, folks. Next time, we’ll explore numbers 16-21.

It will be a hoot.

Agency downsizing: meet your new art director and writer. Guess which is which.


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  1. Nice post Jenn! I’ve seen a few visual resumes online lately so here’s some inspiration / examples for your readers:

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