Thursday Video Extravaganza

There is a whole line up of videos on the roster today. I figure since it’s the day before a long weekend (Canada Day), I might as well liquidate my stock to make room for new stuff.

So let’s begin.

It’s the 20th anniversary of Disney’s The Rocketeer. In honour of this mediocre movie, a fan created the following animated short. It’s a little choppy, but nonetheless, fun to watch.


And now for a short stop-motion video which utilizes rubber bands and push pins to create an underwater wonderland.


The next short is a totally different animation style than my usual preference. But I like it mostly for that reason. This was a student project done over the course of nine months.


Normally I’m not one to post music videos. I realize not everyone has the same taste in music, and this is not a music blog. HOWEVER, the following music video is a fascinating, mesmerizing and insanely creative piece of animation. It’s really like nothing I’ve seen before.


And to end things on a totally bizarre note, I leave you with a quick tale of violence. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, so consider yourself warned. Man finds carrots on highway. Eats carrots. Things get weird.


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