Vote “NO” on Attack Ads

Dig to the bottom of the advertising barrel, past the cigarette ads and community college commercials, and you’ll find political attack ads. The lowest of the low.

These ads are probably responsible for a good chunk of younger voters tuning out. On one hand, they want to get involved and make a difference, but watching these candidates fight over votes is like watching two senior citizens fighting over the last pack of Polident. It’s sad and a little bit gross.

However, things are shifting.

Thanks to social media and the web, the power has now moved into the hands of the voters. We now control our information intake. We are no longer dependent on mainstream media or the political parties to tell us the platforms. The good, the bad and the ugly is just a Google search away.

We can only hope that one day, all Canadians will realize this power and just make a little more effort to educate themselves before they go to the polls. Sure, you might still have to choose from the lesser of the evils, but at least you know that your making an informed decision and not just choosing the party that had the bigger ad spend or more strategic media buy.

Now let’s watch some attack ads.

The first is the Conservative ad with the persnickety voice-over telling us how terrible Micheal Ignatieff is for saying he loved America. Good one, Harper.

Another spot from the “Harper Government” almost goes as far as to show Jack Layton cozying up under the covers with Gilles Duceppe. Oh no! A coalition government? That bastard! Oh, wait, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Ukraine, and Switzerland all often operate with coalition governments? And the UK has a formal coalition cabinet?

Now we hear from the Liberals. They make a better argument against old Harpy than he did against them, siting many of his memorable offenses. But the ad is still just as annoying.

And bringing up the rear is Jack Layton and his NDP party. Jack’s ads are slightly more “creative” than Harpy’s and Iggy’s, but still lack substance. First, his attack on Iggy:

And now this is what Jack has to say about Harpy:

As for the Green Party, I did not see a single attack ad on their site. (I could be wrong – let me know if you have seen any.) So to be fair, here are the ads from the Green Party.

And that ends my political rant. Now go vote.


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