Advertising Can Be A Gamble

Totally forgot to post yesterday. Sorrles. So I’m going to make it up by doing a couple posts today! (Hoooray!)

Let’s start with some great lottery ads! (OK. Enough with the exclamation point.)

Washing State Lottery just released their campaign posing the question  “what would you and your friends do if you won the lottery?” It’s a little bit of a slow start, but watch it through to the end. A funny ad created by Cole & Weber United, Seattle.

Moving south, the California Lottery is letting people know that there are so many chances to win, players no longer need lucky rabbits feet. Good for the rabbits, bad for the people who work in the rabbit foot factory. This spot was created by David&Goliath, LA. Certainly not as funny as the Washington State spots, but everyone loves animals.


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