You Can Pick Your Friends

I took the subway into work last week. I only needed to go one stop (yeah, I’m lazy. So?).

During my five-minute trip, the man beside me decided to pick every opening in his head: eyes, nose, ears, mouth/teeth. In between exploratory missions, he would hold onto the handle bars, generously sharing the spoils of his dig with the rest of the commuters.

I wanted to move away from him, but the train was jam-packed. So instead, I raised my left eyebrow, stared at him with disgust, held my breath and tried to make as little contact as possible. Needless to say, I will be walking to work from now on because there is no way I want to ride beside Captain Pickerson ever again.

Moving on to today’s ads.  A campaign for hand sanitizer, done by McCann Worldgroup, New Delhi, India. The idea has been done to death, but I like this particular execution. It’s certainly attention grabbing… to say the least.


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