Not In My House

I hate cockroaches. If I were to ever find one in my home, I would immediately pack up and leave. I do the heebie-jeebie dance whenever I see one. Even outdoors or behind glass.

Did you know there are 4,500 species of cockroaches? (My skin is crawling right now, btw.) One of the most common is the American cockroach which is about 1.2 inches long (gag).

Why am I writing (and scratching) about cockroaches? Because it has to do with advertising.

Publicis, Dallas created a billboard containing 5,000 live cockroaches (omg, I’m dying) for Terminex, a pest control company. The idea was to communicate how roaches (scratch, scratch) can bring certain diseases into the home, including (barf) E.Coli.

Fun fact: Apparently the billboard needed to be turned towards the shade every 15 minutes so the cockroaches were not cooked by the sun. I say, let ’em fry. Send a message to their friends.


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One response to “Not In My House

  1. tyler Dorcester

    At least the guy is cute – and by the NAMES alone, I would want just ONE. Dubious Roach, Death-Head Roach, Red Racer – I mean, Hello?

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