I Need Some Space, Please

I walk to work every morning and can’t get over the number of people who don’t pay attention to where they’re walking. Most everyone on my morning commute is listening to an iPod or typing away on their mobile device as they walk. The only people I make eye contact with in the mornings is the girl who serves me coffee and the motley crew of construction workers over by the art gallery (while I undress them with my eyes).

I get all uptight if someone walks in what I deem to be my personal space. I’ll give them evils or just “accidentally” walk into them… hard.  I have a strong sense of personal space. Which is why I related to the following commercial from DDB (RAPP) Amsterdam.

The campaign introduces KLM’s new and improved European Business Class, where you are guaranteed your personal space. To prove the need, they conducted a social experiment using a hidden camera. Cue hilarity.


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One response to “I Need Some Space, Please

  1. That is pretty funny. I think the more crowded it is the less personal space people think they need. This is probably also a privacy issue, in that; Why are you sitting right next to me when there are hundreds of other seats; You’re specifically focusing in on me for some reason.

    I like the video.

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