Illustration Done Wella

I remember the upstairs bathroom in my long-passed grandparent’s house in Nanaimo. I can see the rusted metal can of Final Net hairspray with the pink and white peeling paper label; the assortment of toys and empty yogurt containers in the jetted bathtub for us kids; and I can recall how pleased I was to see that my grandparents had installed a jungle gym (see: old people support handles) around the tub.

But the thing I remember most about my grandparent’s bathroom is that it was always fully stocked with Wella Balsam shampoo. I remember this distinctly because I hated the smell of that shampoo. I would use unnecessarily large amounts of the product (see: dump it directly down the drain) in hopes that we could go to the Co-Op and select something that was expensive and smelled like hibiscus. But instead, I would just get in trouble for using too much shampoo.

And even after my traumatic olfactory experiences at my grandparents house, I’m somewhat tempted to give this stinky coif cleaner another try. I mean, check out their cool print ads. One for each hair colour: black, blond, brown and red. These illustrations were done by Ayana Nissan and the campaign was created by Draftfcb + Shimoni Finkelstein Barki, Israel.
(might I suggest an acronym? DSFB?)


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