How Did They Take Over My Computer???

At any given moment of the day, there are about ten to fifteen programs open on my desktop. Add in the eight to ten tabs in my Google Chrome and I am no stranger to the Blue Screen of Death. I accept that as a hazard of my job. So when I was watching the following ad from Intel in “full screen mode”, I was actually getting confused (which isn’t hard for me) and thinking this was taking over my desktop. You need to see it to understand what I mean.

This great advert dubbed “The Chase” was created by independent San Fransisco agency Venables Bell & Partners and directed by London-based Smith & Foulkes. Viral material for sure and without a doubt, geared towards the techno geeks who have the attention span of a goldfish. Fast moving, flashy and fun! The ad aims to showcase the “incredible multi-tasking power” of the new Core i5 processors. Enjoy.


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