Getting Back Into This Schedule Is Ruff

Coming home to Yaletown is one step in the process of getting re-acclimatized to Vancouver. All those little purse dogs with their Juicy Couture outfits and the men in nice suits who haven’t quite grasped the concept that it’s called a “golf umbrella” because it should only be used on the golf course. (A-holes)

And those are the people I thought of when I saw this ad by DDB London.

This is the 2010 Christmas campaign for Harvey Nichols, a UK retail chain. They wanted to, according to Julia Bowe, Marketing Communications Director, “create a feel-good Christmas message that pokes fun at the absurd lengths to which some fashionistas will go to accessorize their outfits. During filming the dogs had a great time and so did we.”


Although Dogs Trust was not involved with this video Harvey Nichols fully support the charity’s famous slogan: A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas. To see their Christmas message please go to:



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