Creative Inspiration: Mariel Clayton

I’m feeling a little macabre today (shocking).

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Or the fact that this is the first week back to work after the most gorgeous holiday ever…and now it’s snowing. I had originally lined up a bunch of retro, colourful posters for today’s creative inspiration, but as I’m prone to do, I changed my mind at the last second.

So instead, we are checking out the work of Mariel Clayton. She is an Ontario-based artist/self-taught photographer who sets up the most intricate of Barbie-sized sets. She photographs the dolls in these dark, detailed settings which results in multi-layered, fascinating  images that draw the viewer into a whole other world. Notice the level of detail in these images.


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One response to “Creative Inspiration: Mariel Clayton

  1. Fantastic stuff. I want to marry this woman (even though she might kill me.)

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