Spirit Schmearit

Every year companies large and small jump on the Christmas-themed advertising bandwagon. It’s enough to make me want to pound a bottle of peppermint schnapps and get right Blitzenned. I’ve decided that I will no longer suffer alone. You all are coming along for the ride. Over the next week, we’ll be reviewing Christmas or holiday-themed commercials and print ads. And in the spirit of the season, I’ll be ripping them a new one.

First on the docket is Apple iPhone’s craptastic commercial where a father and mother team up and use the latest technology to continue to fool their child into believing Santa is real. (Stupid kid.) It’s commercials like this – where I see a six-year-old with an iPhone – that really tip my manger. I only have a Blackberry with no camera and it’s missing a key! Kids these days.

Apparently Snoop Dogg is still relevant. Pepsi Max brought him on to do a Christmas story. The only funny part is when the white delivery driver throws down a “No he di’nt”. This commercial continues to reinforce the fact that Snoop is a triple threat: typecast-commercial actor, former singer and one-time-pretend-gangster.

Now for something you might actually enjoy. This ad for Pot Noodle is awesome and restores my faith in my advertising peers. I especially like the graffiti on the side of the truck. Nice touch.


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