Where Have Your Hands Been?

‘Tis the season for spreading your germs.

That’s right kids. This year for Christmas, you’re getting strep throat! Or the flu. Or something equally annoying. That is, of course, unless you stay away from other people and wear your surgical masks.

The point is, this city is covered with germs. Every morning, when I get to work and before I touch my keyboard and mouse, I slather on some peach-scented anti-bacterial hand lotion to kill off any germies that I may have hitched a ride from the coffee shop. You need to be diligent about these things.

Think about all the things you touch during the course of your day. It’s not pretty.  And that is exactly the point made by these Sanzer print ads by Thailand ad agency Chuo Senko. Sanzer is an anti-bacterial hand gel. The copy reads (poorly): “What you really touch?” But you get the idea.




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2 responses to “Where Have Your Hands Been?

  1. srooks

    Nice concept, and one that looks very familiar. Inconsistent execution. The middle one, in particular, doesn’t read really well, since we don’t exactly see the hand/wrist connect to the rail and the other straps are out of focus.

    You do realize that when you use your hand sanitizer, you’re creating super-bugs by killing all by the 1% strongest bacteria which then go on to reproduce and thrive on your keyboard, and pencils, and desktop, and under your nails…

  2. I like the fingertip phone. And I agree with the rail strap ad. It’s not the best.
    And as for super bugs, I pretty much live in a petri dish and hang around some dirty people. So I’m not worried about lack of exposure to “good” bacteria. 🙂

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