Keep Thinking?

Yesterday we talked about the disconnect between visuals and messaging in some ads. I’ve decided to keep the theme going with the following spot for Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco).

The commercial, although a little long, is super cinematic. The score sounds like it could have been written by Hans Zimmer himself. It’s heavy on special effects and CG, which at times looks totally fake but also adds to the overall creativity and whimsy of the spot.

But – when I watched the spot again today, I realized that I had no idea what they were selling. I had to read the description on the site to understand. No product placement in their own ad? And the end tags don’t really do much to drive engagement with their social media efforts. “Keep Thinking.” Really? The copy is drier than… well, drier than Bahrain itself. (Fun fact: Bahrain is 92% desert.)

According to the ad agency, FP7/BAH, Bahrain, this ad represents the idea that anything you can imagine is possible. (Barf.)  I’d like to imagine that they go back and cut the spot down to :30 seconds, add some product placement and fire their writer. As it stands, it’s merely a short film brought to you by Batelco. Enjoy.


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