Your Creative Stinks

A while back I did a post about interesting takes on outdoor advertising. Then yesterday, I saw something that both turned my stomach and impressed me at the same time. (Kind of like my last date.)

Virgin Media has launched a Speedy Gonzales fastest broadband campaign in the UK. How would you best communicate this new brand to your target audience? Why, with a giant billboard made entirely of cheese, of course!

The brainchild of DDB, London and Food Is Art, it took eight days to craft this diary design, all done inside a chilled studio. The billboard weighs 110kg and was placed in Convent Garden, London. All I can say is that I hope it stays cold in London, otherwise this billboard is going to get real stinky, real fast.

(If this were in Vancouver, it would be like a giant Smörgåsbord for the homeless population. Probably wouldn’t even last a full day.)



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