Get A Real Job

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Dare I say that the Vancouver job market seems to be on rebound? Maybe I’d think differently if I were still unemployed. Nonetheless, soup’s on, boys. Come and get it.

Smart, Savvy is looking for an Executive Director of an “Arts & Education Organization” who apparently wanted to remain anonymous. (Link)

For my friends in the ‘burbs, Race Face is seeking a Marketing Manager out in New West. (Link)

Electronic Arts needs an Editor in Chief – Need for Speed (whatever that’s supposed to mean). (Link)

The Richmond School District is looking for a Communications & Marketing Manager. (Link)

HSBC has put the call out for a Manager of e-Channels. Sounds snazzy. (Link)

That’s all for now. If you want more, go find ’em! One of my favorite sites is It draws from all of the job boards which makes your search more streamlined.


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