Why Proofread?

I remember back when I worked for a phone chat line which will remain unnamed for the purpose of this post. We were expanding the product and launching the gay equivalent in a somewhat conservative part of southern US. It wasn’t phone sex. It was like online dating but over the phone.

I was a producer at the time and had devised a check list that the client/brand manager needed to triple check and sign off before we would go to print. It included images, legal content, phone numbers, websites, etc.  I would always be sure to get a signature on the bottom of those sign off sheets. I know how to cover my ass every which way to Sunday. And good thing too, because there was a typo on one of the billboards. The number that was displayed actually lead to a Baptist Church daycare. Needless to say that did not go over well within the community or at the office. Luckily I had a piece of paper stating that it was in no way my fault.

Now take a look at this gem from South Bend, Indiana. This is actually an electronic billboard which is supposed to read:  15 Best Things About Our Public Schools.

Sadly (but understandably) someone forgot the “L”. The billboard is part of the City of South Bend’s Redevelopment Commission to promote the community.


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