Thursday Update

For some reason my internet speed at work was getting slower and slower. Certain pages would take forever to load while others never loaded at all. So yesterday I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I called SHAW cable and sat on hold for over an hour listening to a pan flute rendition of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings while becoming progressively more impatient. Once I was able to speak with a technician, I started running all sorts of connectivity tests and eventually SHAW reset the modem from their end. They took it offline and then put it back online. And ta da! I’m surfing the internet once again at the speed of a thousand gazelles.

Amidst all of this hub bub, posting fell off my radar. Which doesn’t really do much for my goal of 365 posts for my one year anniversary of the blog on October 7th. So to make up for that, I hope to spend my lunch hour finding the latest and greatest stuff from across the interwebs for your entertainment.

Oh, I’ll also be reminding you guys that today is your last day to buy tickets for the NABS Shindig. Here is a photo of me enjoying the April 2009 Shindig…


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