Creative Inspiration: Fred Fraser & Liz Dungate

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m just pouring all my extra energy into my volunteer work. But lately I’m not feeling inspired by the internet. So instead, I’m going to turn to the biggest source of inspiration in my life; my friends!

I wanted to share my friend’s work for some time, but I kept putting it off because I had to ask if they were OK with it, and what I should show, yadda yadda. Then I realized that I don’t do that with anyone else’s work that I post here, so why the hell start now? (Lurve you guys!)

The point is, it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than beg for permission.

Let’s start with my uber fabulous and talented friends Fred Fraser and Liz Dungate. Partners in crime, I met these two years ago in another life. Fred is a super talented photographer and Liz makes everything around her look gorgeous.

This first shot is of our friends Peter and Joe. But the real stars of this shot are Pete and Joe’s Shih Tzus, Molly and Charlie.

And now here is a series of my favorite shots from Fred’s blog, including “The Dogpile” which I helped coordinate. In fact, I think I’m second or third from the bottom of the pile. Yellow top, pink tights. Enjoy! And for more inspiration, please stop by Fred’s website at


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